Marsh Oaks is a friendly, family oriented community located in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. It has wonderful amenities including tennis courts, a junior olympic size swimming pool and a low country style clubhouse. We have lovely tree lined streets and common areas and hope you will visit our charming neighborhood soon!
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Upcoming Event Announcements:
50+ Club Questionnaire  |  Feb 10 - March 27  (Click here for more info)
Marsh Oaks Yard Sale   |   Saturday, March 21st from 9am to 12pm   (Click here for more info)
50+ MO Clubhouse Social  | April 19  (Additional info coming)
Neighborhood News

Did you know we have a neighborhood Mah Jongg Group? Head on over to the Neighborhood Groups page and see what else is going on!


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Swim Team

Sign Up for 2019 Swim Season Coming Soon! 


MOHOA Hurricane Plan

A hurricane plan, or other crisis, specific to Marsh Oaks is available HERE


Law Enforcement

NHC Sheriff's department has responsibility for law enforcement in Marsh Oaks. Dial 911 for emergencies but please dial (910) 452-6120 for all other business.

Going on a trip? Call (910) 798-4111 and request a New Hanover County Sheriff's Department special patrol.  They will ask you some specific questions about your property (e.g., lights left on, cars in driveway), and then come by  four times a day while you’re gone.
The courts are in great shape and the lights are up and operating. Light instructions are by the sign up. All events will be posted here and communicated by Marsh Oaks Website E-Mail.
Any questions should be directed to our James Wegener. E-Mail .
Tennis Rules and Guidelines are HERE Please read as they have been revised.
Planning to Make Outside Structual Changes to your Property?
(Also for temporary POD Storage)
Click on DOCUMENTS for applicable forms and advisories.
Swimming Pool, Things You Should Know
 Information is  HERE 
Pool passes are required, a FOB system is now in place to access the amenities.  
The only signs permitted on yards is "for sale" signs.

New Information on How to bring Your Mailbox Back

If you want paint your own mailbox, the Marsh Oaks "Blue" mailbox paint is now available at Custom Colors paint store located at 6834 Market Street. Just ask for the Marsh Oaks Blue paint.  They no longer carry the gold paint but can make a recommendation on what to buy at Michaels. 

Here are some helpful hints:
1. Never use spray paint to paint your mailbox. The spray paint will oxidize and look bad in a couple of months.
2. Use a paint brush to apply the paint and a "sponge roller" to even out the paint. Throw away small sponge rollers can be purchase for $1 at most dollar stores.  
3. Use the "Marsh Oaks Blue" on your mailbox.

Marsh Oaks Streets 
The State of North Carolina owns and maintains more roads than any state other than Texas. In fact they own all the streets, but two, in Marsh Oaks. That is why MOHOA is not allowed to put special markings down or change any street policies.  NC DOT Info HERE
MOHOA Collection Policy
The Marsh Oaks Collection policy has been updated. It is available in the documents section. 
Upcoming Events
50+ Club Questionnaire
Monday, February 10th to Friday, March 27th
Thanks to the recent efforts of the newly formed Marsh Oaks (MO) 50+ Social Committee, the MO 50+ Social Group is being revitalized with a number of new activities and experiences. 
The MO 50+ Social Committee is proposing a number of fun and informative events/activities and is requesting that interested Marsh Oaks residents that are in the age category of 50 years and older complete the Online Activity Survey so that we can determine which of our proposed events/activities are of the most interest. 
Please complete the simple MO 50+ Social Group Activity Survey by March 27, 2020. It can be completed via the Marsh Oaks Home Page at:
The results of the survey and more details of the chosen activities will be shared at the first 50+ Social Clubhouse Event for 2020 which is being planned for Sunday, April 19, 2020 @ 4:00PM. This Social Event will also be posted on the CAMS calendar and Marsh Oaks Website along with reminders being sent through email and Facebook. 
These activities/events are just the beginning of what we hope to present to the 50+ community going forward as we are just getting started. With suggestions from everyone in the 50+ community, we will grow the program. 
We look forward to seeing what you have to say on the survey and seeing you at the 50+ Social Clubhouse Event on April 19, 2020. 
Marsh Oaks 50+ Social Committee Members: Lindsay Smith (Chairperson), Tracy Davis, Rochelle Igoe, Pat Jones, Marie Mallon, Sue Skoda, and Louise Voelker
Any problems accessing/taking the questionnaire please contact the webmaster:
Marsh Oaks Yard Sale
Saturday, March 21st, 6am at 12pm
Each spring, we have our annual Marsh Oaks Yard Sale, and this year we will be having it on Saturday, March 21st from 9am to 12pm. 
Everyone is welcome to sell their household goods and items from the front yard of their homes. Advertising will begin 2 weeks before the event both online and in the newspaper. Feel free to promote the event on social media and invite your friends/family to come out! You may use yard sale signs the day of the event to direct people to your home, but please remember to pick them up at the end of the event. We will place Marsh Oaks Yard Sale signs at the entrance as well.  
If you plan on participating, please let me know so I can determine how many homes we have this year. You can indicate your are participating by clicking "going" on the Facebook event or send me an email at
If you have further questions, please email me at
Welcome New Neighbors
Are you a new resident?  Welcome! 
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