Marsh Oaks HOA Tennis/Pickleball Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for the Marsh Oaks Tennis/Pickleball Courts were updated in order to make it easier for Residents to reserve courts and to prevent unauthorized use of the courts.

The changes are summarized as follows:

1. If you are playing tennis or pickleball, you must use the “Court Reserve App” for reservations.

2. Reservations can be made up to 2-4 weeks out. Residents may reserve one court for 2 hours per day.

3. Tennis or Pickleball Clinics are for Marsh Oaks residents only.

4. Please be do not leave trash cans full. Empty them in the large trash containers beside the shed.
5. If playing at night, please be sure to turn off the lights when you leave.

As a reminder to all Residents, the courts are for playing tennis and pickleball only. Social gatherings, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, tricycles, pets, etc. are NOT allowed on the courts. The nets and fences are not for climbing.

Enjoy playing tennis/pickleball on your Marsh Oaks courts.
Court Reserve App.

Welcome to our new tennis court management system! We believe this platform will help us continue to improve our tennis operations as well as your tennis/pickleball experience. We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

How to Create an Account:

1. Click the following link Oaks
2. Enter your information, create a password, read and accept the disclosures. 3. Click Submit.
4. Your request will be approved within 24 hours.

How to Reserve an Open Court Time:
1. Once you have created an account and the request has been approved, you will login to your account.
2. Click the Book Courts tab at the top of your screen.
3. Select available time slots.
4. Choose the date by using the arrows (top left) or by clicking the date on the top-left portion of the page.
5. Choose by clicking the RESERVE button on that time slot.
6. Complete the reservation form.
7. You will get an email confirmation.
CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO on member Mobile App Training for Reservations and 
How to Cancel a Reservation:

1. Click MYPROFILE on the top-right of your screen.
2. Find the date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel. Click the DETAILS button on the right.
3. Click the red CANCEL RESERVATION button in the upper left.

Reservation Policy:

• Court booking and availability will only be available online or on the app beginning August 1, 2021.

Courts can be reserved up to 3 hours in advance of the reservation time. Residents are REQUIRED to add ALL participants for each reservation, including guests.

• You are allowed 1 reservation per day per resident as we only have 2 courts available and want to give everyone the chance to play.

• Reservations are allowed up to 2 weeks in advance on a rolling basis.
Cancellation Policy:
• We ask that residents cancel their reservation at least 3 hours in advance of their reservation time. Please feel free to contact Court Reserve at any time to reserve courts, cancel reservations, or ask a question. They have a live chat feature on their website!
Please notify the Board through the homeowner portal if you feel the rules are not being adhered to.
Revised 4-20-23