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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Neighborhood News

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We Now Have a Swim Team!

Click HERE for details and sign up

MOHOA Hurricane Plan

A hurricane plan, or other crisis, specific to Marsh Oaks is available HERE

Law Enforcement

NHC Sheriff's department has responsibility for law enforcement in Marsh Oaks. Dial 911 for emergencies but please dial (910) 452-6120 for all other business.

Going on a trip? Call (910) 798-4111 and request a New Hanover County Sheriff's Department special patrol.  They will ask you some specific questions about your property (e.g., lights left on, cars in driveway), and then come by  four times a day while you’re gone.
For Kids 5 and Under
If you have children ages 5 and under OR are expecting a child and interested in meeting other families with children in a similar age group, contact Laura Ford. We have several play groups forming for children ages 5 and under, not yet in elementary school. The play groups are designed to be supportive, casual, flexible, and fun! Email Laura HERE
The courts are in great shape and the lights are up and operating. Light instructions are by the sign up. All events will be posted here and communicated by Marsh Oaks Website E_Mail. Any questions should be directed to Kristina Durham. E-Mail or 686-6028.
Tennis Rules and Guidelines are HERE Please read as they have been revised.
Planning to Make Outside Structual Changes to your Property?
(Also for temporary POD Storage)
Click on DOCUMENTS for applicable forms and advisories.
Swimming Pool, Things You Should Know
 Information is  HERE 
Pool passes are required, the new FOB system is now in place to access the amenities.  
Pool Reopens April 15
The only signs permitted on yards is "for sale" signs.

New Information on How to bring Your Mailbox Back

If you want paint your own mailbox, the Marsh Oaks "Blue" mailbox paint is now available at Benjamin Moore paint store located at 6943 Market Street. Just ask for the Marsh Oaks Blue paint.  Aura Semi-Gloss finish appx $21 per quart. Enough for 5-8 mailboxes.  Gold for the oak- the brand is 1-shot "lettering enamel"  109-Metallic Gold. photo here

Here are some helpful hints:
1. Never use spray paint to paint your mailbox. The spray paint will oxidize and look bad in a couple of months.
2. Use a paint brush to apply the paint and a "sponge roller" to even out the paint. Throw away small sponge rollers can be purchase for $1 at most dollar stores.  
3. Use the "Marsh Oaks Blue" on your mailbox.

Marsh Oaks Streets 
The State of North Carolina owns and maintains more roads than any state other than Texas. In fact they own all the streets, but two, in Marsh Oaks. That is why MOHOA is not allowed to put special markings down or change any street policies.  NC DOT Info HERE
MOHOA Collection Policy
The Marsh Oaks Collection policy has been updated. It is available in the documents section. 
~ Upcoming Events ~
Marsh Oaks Community Wide Yard Sale
Saturday, April 29th, 2017 8am-12pm Marsh Oak and Marymount Communities
Check Facebook and emails for further details.

Welcome New Neighbors
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Group News
CAMS Online Access
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Clubhouse WiFi
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